In response to the Coronavirus pandemic

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have decided that, in response to the Coronavirus, public Masses, services and gatherings will be suspended in all churches from this Friday evening. This also applies to our church here in Olney. It also applies to all meetings scheduled to take place here. The church will remain open every day as a place for individual prayer and the Blessed Sacrament will remain in the tabernacle: the living heart of our parish, a refuge for peace and calm.

Cardinal Nichols has said: “The celebration of Mass, Sunday by Sunday and day by day, will take place without a public congregation.

“Knowing that the Mass is being celebrated; joining in spiritually in that celebration; watching the live-streaming of the Mass; following its prayers at home; making an act of spiritual communion: this is how we share in the Sacrifice of Christ in these days.  These are the ways in which we will sanctify Sunday, and indeed every day.

“We want everyone to understand that in these emergency circumstances, and for as long as they last, the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is removed.”

Therefore, I will remain in our parish and I will offer the Mass every day here, even though it will be without a congregation. Hopefully, in the near future, the facility for livestreaming Mass from our church via YouTube will be available through this website.

For now, Masses will be livestreamed from Northampton Cathedral every Sunday. For more information, please do consult the Diocesan Website.

Let us pray for each other and look after each other as much as is possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the Parish Administrator if you need further help.

God bless you all,

Fr David B Barrett