Gift Aid

If you are a tax-payer you can increase the amount of any donation you make to the parish, including your weekly offering, by completing a Gift Aid Declaration Form (GADF). You only have to complete this form once and it will cover all future contributions. Gift Aid enhances your donation by 25% by way of a contribution from the government and is at no cost to you. The amount is claimed directly from HMRC on your behalf from taxes you have already paid; it is in effect ‘free money’ and a valuable source of income to the parish.

If you are new to the parish or have not completed a GADF before, please download the attached form, complete it (with both pages printed) and then send it to our Parish Administrator, Denise Wallinger, at the presbytery.

Link to GADF>>>>Gift Aid Form

Alternatively you can collect a hard copy of the form directly from Denise.

There are a number of ways you can give under Gift Aid:

  • If donating by cash, by using the Weekly Envelope system, which allows you to make cash donations in a secure envelope which you can leave in the collection basket when you attend church. When we receive your completed GADF, we can provide you with your own set of envelopes. However, anyone can use weekly envelopes upon request whether they are gift aiders or not.
  • By making a standing order to the diocesan bank account on a monthly basis. If you prefer to pay in this way, then please complete your bank details on the GADF at the bottom of the form where indicated. If you bank online, then please set up a standing order through your online banking system using the bank account details shown on the GADF.
  • If you make a donation by cheque or bank transfer, please complete a GADF if you have not completed one for the parish before
  • If you use the Digital Collection Plate in church you can register for Gift Aid and make your declaration directly via the card reader 

If you tax status changes and you no longer pay UK tax please let us know. If you have any questions on the above please do ask.