Life in the Spirit

These courses  are being offered by the Diocesan Service Team for charismatic renewal (DST) The programme runs for 7 weeks, including a virtual Retreat day, and commenced on 13th August.

For anyone who is not aware, the Life in the Spirit courses are ” An inspiring and practical series aimed at people of all ages to help them encounter the Holy Spirit and empower them to share their faith “.   They have been used within the Church for many years. 

We are encouraged by Bishop David to promote and attend this course, as he says “I want to encourage you to take part in the Life in the Spirit seminars.  This journey is a sure way to bring you into a personal encounter with Jesus and a deeper experience of discipleship”

And Pope Francis said in 2017: “To share baptism in the Holy Spirit with everyone in the Church, to praise the Lord unceasingly, to walk together with Christians of different Churches and Ecclesial Communities in prayer and activity on behalf of those in greatest need, to serve the poor and the sick – This is what the Church and the Pope expect from you”

There is a short explanatory video about the course by Father Andy Richardson at

Top register (free) and be sent the Zoom enry codes, click here.

Over a hundred people from across the Diocese took part in the first meeting.